Tennis for Ages 3-8


We are currently offering kids tennis classes for students ages 3-8 that are signed up for individually. Youth tennis classes are offered seven days a week and $28 per player. There is no minimum or maximum amount of classes a week required to register. Check below for the most recently updated schedule and play tennis today!

Red Ball Ages 3 & 4

This class is the ideal entry point for future tennis stars to not only learn tennis but fall in love with the game. We provide a warm, inviting atmosphere so that our youngest students can gain a positive association with playing tennis. In this structured setting, children will learn basic
hand-eye coordination and body control through a combination of games. Education
and enjoyment take top priority.

Beginner Red Ball (Beginner youth ages 5-8)

This is a great introduction for students to learn tennis. In this tennis class,
students will learn basic athletic skills — spatial awareness, coordination, balance, etc.
Students will learn to follow a bouncing ball to a controlled movement with their tennis racquet.
Introductory rallying will be taught and students will begin to lead their own competitive
scenarios. Students will learn which side of their body uses one hand and which side of
their body uses two hands.

Intermediate Red Ball (Intermediate youth ages 5-8)

For the junior tennis player with increased coordination and racquet control with the ability to
semi-consistently get the ball over the net. Displays familiarity with tennis terminology,
scoring, and etiquette. After learning the basics, students will play more tennis and develop the ability to serve, return, and work towards holding a rally.

Advanced Red Ball (Advanced youth ages 7-8)

Students in this class are ready to play tennis!  Kids are rallying back and forth, scoring, learning serves and ball placement.  This class is for the tennis player that has graduated from RippnerRed and is on their way to Orange Ball. Rallying and live tennis play will remain a large part of the class focus with over-the-net scenarios comprising the majority of play time. Students will develop the use of overhand serves and the understanding of deuce and ad sides of the court. Students
excelling at overhand serving and rallying will be invited to participate in match play
sessions and encouraged to enter their first tennis tournaments.

Rippner Junior Tennis Classes for ages 3-8 at our South Austin location:

Rippner Junior classes for ages 3-8 at our Williamson County location:

Suggested Equipment:

19″ – 21″ tennis racquet, water bottle, athletic shoes, weather-appropriate clothing

For registration and scheduling information please contact or call 512-222-7260