Adult Intermediate Tennis


Presently, we provide vibrant and inviting Rippner Intermediate Classes on a flexible sign-up basis. You can join these classes seven days a week at a rate of $30.50 per session. There are no prerequisites regarding the minimum or maximum number of classes you must attend each week to enroll.  Check below for the most recently updated schedule!

Intermediate adult clinics (levels 3.0-4.0) cater to players who possess proficiency in all tennis strokes and seek to enhance their comprehension of effective training methods, competition readiness, mental resilience, strategic acumen, and precise technique refinement. These sessions will prominently feature singles and doubles point simulations, necessitating that all participants are well-versed in tennis terminology, self-assured in their grasp of strategy, scoring, etiquette, and fully prepared for rally play.

Rippner Adult Intermediate classes at our South Austin location:

Rippner Adult Intermediate classes at our Pharr Tennis Center (East Austin) location:

Rippner Adult Intermediate classes at our Williamson County location: