Adult Advanced Tennis


We are presently providing lively, dynamic, and inviting Rippner Adult Advanced classes that allow you to enroll on a flexible basis. These classes are available every day of the week at a cost of $30.50 per session. There is no obligation to sign up for a specific number of classes per week; you can participate at your convenience.

Our Adult Advanced Classes (4.0-5.0) are dedicated to honing skills in both singles and doubles competitive scenarios. These classes are tailor-made for players aiming to elevate their match performance and strategic abilities, ultimately enhancing their chances of triumph in significant league, tournament, or ladder matches.

Participation in the 4.0-5.0 level classes is limited to individuals who have dedicated substantial time to rigorous training and competitive play on the court. To ensure that participants meet the requisite skill level, our coaches will strictly adhere to level requirements for entry into Advanced Classes. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that prospective participants either commence with an Intermediate Clinic or reach out to us at to confirm the appropriateness of this level placement for their skillset.

Rippner Adult Advanced classes at our South Austin Tennis Center location: 

Rippner Adult Advanced classes at our Pharr Tennis Center (East Austin) location: 

Rippner Adult Advanced classes at our Williamson County location: