Adult Specialty Clinics


Our Adult Specialty Clinics are designed to help you take your game to the next level.  Our present selection of specialized clinics provides opportunities to focus on distinct aspects of their tennis skills.  Our coaches will guide participants through targeted drills and exercises designed to align with the class theme.

Matchplay Strategy Clinic

This clinic caters to those aiming to enhance their matchplay and strategic abilities.  The session typically begins with a warm-up and drills, followed by guided live gameplay under the supervision of experienced coaches.  During these sessions, participants can anticipate receiving valuable insights on various aspects , including ball placement, court positioning, scoring, etiquette, and more, all provided by their dedicated instructor.

Serving Technique Clinic

During this clinic, your coach will guide you through a continuous 30-minute serving session.  This clinic welcomes participants of all skill levels and is exclusively focused on the technical aspects of serving.  The class is limited to only four players who are dedicated to refining their serve fundamentals.  Anticipate a deliberate and detailed approach, with ample instruction designed to elevate your serving skills to new heights!

Rippner Adult Specialty Classes at our South Austin location:

Rippner Adult Specialty Classes at our Pharr Tennis Center (East Austin) location: