Tennis for Ages 9-11


Join our dynamic youth tennis classes, available daily at $28.50 per participant. There are no required minimum or maximum weekly commitments for enrollment. Alternatively, explore our semester-based programs spanning 12 weeks by visiting our Junior Semester Program. Check out the schedule below and start your tennis journey today!

Intro to Tennis 1 (Beginner Youth Ages 9-11)

Designed for students between the ages of 9 and 11 who are either new to the sport or have limited experience, this program focuses on establishing a strong foundation for lifelong tennis skills. Participants will receive instruction in the essential techniques and principles, covering grips, groundstrokes, volleys, serves, and footwork. The coaching will be primarily instructor-fed, as these students are in the early stages of their tennis journey and not yet prepared for rally play.

Advanced Intro to Tennis 1 (Beginner Youth Ages 9-11)

Targeted at youngsters between the ages of 9 and 11, this program is designed for students who possess limited tennis experience and have successfully completed 4 to 8 introductory tennis classes. These young players are at the stage where they are prepared to give rallying a try, although they may not be entirely proficient in it just yet. They have acquired a foundational understanding of forehands, backhands, volleys, and serves, as well as a grasp of fundamental tennis terminology.

Intermediate Orange Ball (Intermediate Youth Ages 9-11)

For students who have attained the fundamental skills equivalent to those at the Advanced Red Ball or Advanced Beginner levels, which include proficiency in rallying, reacting effectively on both sides of their body, executing overhand serves, and demonstrating strategic thinking. They are capable of sustaining a rally and successfully delivering serves in approximately half of their attempts. These students are already familiar with tennis terminology, encompassing terms such as rally, forehand, backhand, serve, return, volley, deuce, ad, let, and the ready position.

Advanced Green Ball (Advanced Youth Ages 9-11)

Geared towards tournament participants with a comprehensive mastery of all tennis strokes and significant competitive experience, this program is tailored to enhance their comprehension of ideal training methods, competition readiness, mental resilience, strategic prowess, and the refinement of their techniques.

Rippner Junior classes for ages 9 – 11 at our South Austin location:

Rippner Junior classes for ages 9-11 at our Pharr Tennis Center (East Austin) location:

Rippner Junior classes for ages 9-11 at our Williamson County location:

Suggested Equipment

25″ tennis racquet, water bottle, tennis court shoes, jump rope, sport and weather-appropriate clothing