Tennis for Ages 9-11

We are currently offering single classes for students ages 9-11 that are signed up for
individually. These classes are offered seven days per week for $28 each. There is no
minimum or maximum amount of classes a week required to register. Check below for
the most recently updated schedule!

Intro to Tennis 1 (Beginner youth ages 9-11)

For students aged 9-11 new to the sport or with minimal experience. They will learn the fundamentals and techniques for a lifelong foundation. We will teach them the basic fundamentals of grips, groundstrokes, volleys, serves and footwork. This will all be coach fed since these students are not yet rally-ready.

Advanced Intro to Tennis 1 (Beginner youth level 2 ages 9-11)

For students aged 9-11 with minimal tennis experience who have completed 4-8
classes of Intro to Tennis. These players are ready to attempt rallying though they are
not completely rally-ready yet. They know the basics of forehands, backhands, volleys
and serves. They understand basic tennis terminology. 

Intermediate Orange Ball (Intermediate youth ages 9-11)

For students who have achieved the general competencies of Red Ball or Advanced Beginner (rallying, reactions on both sides of their body, overhand serve, and strategy). Able to keep a rally going and can successfully serve about half of their attempts. Students already know vocabulary such as, rally, forehand, backhand, serve, return, volley, deuce, ad, let, and ready position. In this class, students will build on basic fundamentals by continuing their technical development using spin and body turn. Students will learn to use court dimensions (height, width, and depth). Students in this class may have already started competitive play.

Advanced Green Ball (Advanced youth ages 9-11)

Designed for tournament players that have a grasp of all strokes and are seasoned
competitors. These players are learning to improve their understanding of optimal
training practices, competition preparation, mental toughness, strategy and fine-tuning
technique. Students in this group compete a minimum of 4 times per year, take at least
one private lesson per month, attend match play sessions and train several times per

Rippner Junior classes for ages 9 – 11 at our South Austin location:

Rippner Junior classes for ages 9-11 at our Williamson County location:

Suggested Equipment:

25″ tennis racquet, water bottle, tennis court shoes, jump rope, sport and weather-appropriate clothing

To register please contact or call 512-222-7260