Tennis for Ages 3-8


Currently, we offer interactive and personalized tennis sessions tailored for children between the ages of 3 and 8, guaranteeing an exciting and enjoyable learning journey.  These engaging youth tennis classes are accessible every day of the week at a cost of $28 per participant. There are no set minimum or maximum weekly class commitments for enrollment. Please review the schedule provided below and commence your exciting tennis adventure now!

Red Ball Ages 3 & 4

This program serves as the perfect introduction for aspiring tennis talents, aiming not only to instruct them in tennis skills but also to ignite their passion for the sport. We offer a welcoming and nurturing environment, ensuring that our youngest participants establish a positive connection with tennis. Within this well-organized framework, children will develop fundamental hand-eye coordination and physical control through engaging games. Our primary focus is on fostering both learning and enjoyment.

Beginner Red Ball (Beginner youth ages 5-8)

This serves as an excellent introduction for students embarking on their tennis journey. Within this tennis course, students will acquire fundamental athletic abilities, including spatial awareness, coordination, and balance. They will develop the skill of tracking a bouncing ball and executing controlled movements with their tennis racquet.

Moreover, introductory rallying techniques will be imparted, allowing students to initiate their competitive scenarios. Additionally, students will grasp the distinction between using one hand and two hands on different sides of their body for optimal tennis performance.

Intermediate Red Ball (Intermediate youth ages 5-8)

For the budding young tennis enthusiast who has improved their coordination and gained better control of the racket, along with the capacity to reasonably frequently direct the ball over the net. They exhibit a grasp of tennis terminology, scoring, and proper etiquette. Following the foundation stage, students will engage in more extensive tennis gameplay, honing their skills in serving, returning, and progressing towards maintaining a rally.

Advanced Red Ball (Advanced youth ages 7-8)

The students in this class are excited and prepared to engage in tennis! They’re enthusiastically rallying back and forth, honing their scoring skills, and gaining valuable experience in serves and ball placement. This class is specifically designed for tennis enthusiasts who have successfully completed the RippnerRed program and are progressing towards Orange Ball level.

Rallying and live tennis matches will continue to be the central focus of this class, with the majority of playing time dedicated to over-the-net scenarios. During the course, students will enhance their proficiency in overhand serves and develop a comprehensive understanding of the deuce and ad sides of the court.

Furthermore, students who demonstrate exceptional skills in overhand serving and rallying will have the opportunity to participate in match play sessions. They will also receive encouragement to take their first steps into the world of tennis tournaments, fostering their growth as aspiring tennis players.

Rippner Junior Tennis Classes for ages 3-8 at our South Austin location:

Rippner Junior classes for ages 3-8 at our Pharr Tennis Center (East Austin) location:

Rippner Junior classes for ages 3-8 at our Williamson County location:

Suggested Equipment:

19″ – 21″ tennis racquet, water bottle, athletic shoes, weather-appropriate clothing

For registration and scheduling information please contact or call 512-222-7260