Junior Program

Junior Program

Coaching Philosophy:

All athletes are not the same. Body types, mindsets, and skill sets are all different, therefore teaching and training needs individualization to be fully effective. We see our students as individuals with unique needs. Our tested training system maximizes development across a broad spectrum of styles and strengths. However, all players need to develop the skills to play on all parts of the court in order to capitalize on the opportunities their personal style will create. Tennis teaches many valuable life lessons which serve to make young players who are not just champions on the court, but champions in life. We use tennis to instill confidence, humility, integrity, responsibility, personal pride and discipline. These are trained as equal elements in creating the whole athlete.  Most of importantly of all, we strive share our love of tennis with our community.    

Program Description:

RippnerTennis has a complete array of classes that range from a young student having their very first tennis experience, all the way to the nationally ranked junior exploring their collegiate tennis options. Our educational philosophy highlights the importance of allowing students to learn the sport through first-hand experiences and developing their understanding of the game organically. We are full participants in USTA Junior Team Tennis and each season field numerous teams of various ages and ability levels. The team experience is invaluable and some of our most cherished childhood memories stem from our experiences with teammates. Below are our esteemed Directors of Programing. Our Directors of Programing can be seen involved daily with classes, bringing your students an unmatched tennis experience.