We offer 6 week Intro 1.0 “classes” that are designed to give the beginning student a structured progression from week 1 to week 6. Each class the instructors will review the concepts of the previous week and then introduce new a concept that builds upon what has been learned. Players new to the sport of tennis will often repeat this class before they are ready to move on to a higher level. Although this class is designed for complete beginners, it is not uncommon to have students who have previous experience register for this class as a “refresher”. Students that have previous tennis experience often move on to the next level after the end of this class unless they feel the need to repeat it again. Please email the instructors for further questions and information, calling the front desk will often result in our receptionist asking you to do this in order to not disseminate misleading information. The instructors know best!

We are currently offering Rippner Beginners and Advanced Beginners singles  Clinics that are sign up as you go. These classes are offered Weekly for $27 each. There are no minimum or maximum amount of classes a week required to register.

Intro 1.0 | Daily “Clinics”

Our daily Intro 1.0 “clinics” are designed to offer the student a “pay as you go” option. You only register for the clinics that you want to attend and “pay as you go”. There is no progression from week to week, each week has its own theme. Please visit the Daily Clinics page for a more info.