Private Lessons

Private Lessons

Private lessons allow a student to learn from a certified teaching Pro in a one-on-one environment. We also offer private group lessons for 2-8 players, perfect for a husband and wife, friends or league teams looking for weekly practice.

Please understand that we are in high demand and have a wait list for the most sought after times.

(1) Is to attempt to sign up and attend our daily clinics or Intro classes. This allows you to meet our Pros in a group setting and experience their teaching style first hand. It also allows them to get to know you on a personal level. Once you have decided what Pro you like, you can simply ask them in person or through email if he/she has any availability for a private lesson. This seems to be the most successful way to schedule a lesson because of the personal connection that you establish with a Pro in their clinics.

(2) Is to go to our Staff page and send a personal email to the instructors of your choice and request a private lesson. Add some personal info about your background, goals, and availability. If our Pros have any openings they will reply and offer you a choice of lesson times. If they do not reply they may not have availability or have over looked your email. Please send them a follow up email if you have not heard back in 3-5 days.

A final note that i will ad is that Pros schedules can change week to week. When you request a lesson they may not have availability but the next week or month a client may get injured, move cities, or for any number of reasons stop taking lessons. This is your opportunity to replace that client. So keep in communication with the Pro and let them know you are serious and waiting on an opening.

Unsure of which Pro to choose for private lessons?

We can help! Please completely fill out the form below and click submit. This method gets your request into all of our Pro’s email inboxes at once, allows us to add you to our waiting list data base and make you searchable when our Pros ask if there are any new clients looking for lessons.

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