H.I.T. Tennis

H.I.T. Tennis


Improve fitness and tennis performance all at once. H.I.T. Tennis (High Intensity Training) is a group activity designed to provide players of all levels from total beginner to advanced a high intensity cardiovascular workout. It is a more enjoyable and engaging alternative to traditional modes of cardiovascular exercise such as treadmills and stationary bikes. H.I.T. tennis provides an effective cardiovascular workout as well tennis-specific fitness and shot making training.

Class Schedule:

H.I.T. Tennis level 2.5-4.5 (what’s this?)


Saturdays9am-10am$17w/ Jo Atherton | 6 spaces + a wait list
Tuesdays9am-10am$17w/ Sylvia K | 8 spaces + a wait list
Wednesdays7am-8am$17w/ Brad Harris | 8 spaces + a wait list
Wednesdays7pm-8pm$17w/ Brad Harris | 8 spaces + a wait list
Fridays7am-8am$17w/ Brad Harris | 8 spaces + a wait list