Tom Emery

Senior Teaching Professional

Tom Emery is passionate about tennis. As he says himself, “I love what I do.” For over 14 years he has taught tennis everywhere including Europe, New Zealand, Japan, Seattle and now Austin. Tom has worked with a diverse group of students and tennis professionals, some of whom have gone on to become nationally ranked players.

Known as a high-energy tennis professional, Tom uses traditional methods mixed with modern techniques to increase players’ levels quickly and easily. Through personal interaction and a passion for all aspects of tennis, he is the whole package. He doesn’t litter and he has never turned down a slice of pizza.

Here at Austin’s Rippner Tennis Center, he has expanded the programs by incorporating “Little Tennis” to its roster. “Little Tennis” caters to 4-8 year olds, giving them a solid foundation while offering young players a sense of fun.

Tom continues to enhance his own skills by attending conferences and specialty courses. In using what he has learned from beginners and world-class players of every generation. Tom delivers a well-rounded view of the game itself and how to be a skilled player. He keeps current with the latest in tennis technology and offers his students advice on the latest equipment as well as fitness regimens to the best fit each student’s game.

Tom’s enthusiasm for tennis is contagious, and he works to help his students love the game as much as he does. Whether you are 4 years old or 94 years old, this is a lifelong sport, and Tom’s coaching keeps it fun for the long haul.