Jo Atherton

Senior Teaching Professional

Jo has over twenty years of coaching experience ranging from beginners to players competing internationally. She has a diverse background having held positions as Head Pro at Tennis und Badminton Centrum Einfeld in Germany, Academy Head Pro and the Director of Tournament Play at the John Newcombe Tennis Academy, Assistant Pro at Barton Creek Resort and Country Club, and Head Coach at NC Wesleyan College. These varied experiences taught her that there is no one size fits all to coaching tennis. Finding out what motivates someone, how someone learns, and working around limitations or injuries are the things that challenge but also excite Jo.

Jo recognizes that tennis has given her so much and wants her students to get a taste of what the sport can offer. It’s not just about hitting forehands and backhands. It’s also about stepping out of your comfort zones and competing, making new friends, being a part of the community, and getting more fit. Jo enjoys creating opportunities that will give her students the full experience tennis can offer.

Jo grew up in a family where tennis was the central theme. Her mother was a tennis pro and her coach while her father, a former professional soccer player, made sure that proper fitness levels were met. While it was a great way to grow up, Jo’s true passion for tennis came during her college years where she played Division 1 for the University on North Carolina at Wilmington. The first few seasons were difficult but after several tough losses she started to relax and find joy in playing. This led to improved results and a passion for playing. She continued to play after college in Challenger tournaments and in the German Leagues.