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Welcome to RippnerTennis and thank you very much for your interest in our junior tennis program. We are very proud of the community that we have made together and would love to share our experience with you. Austin is a vibrant tennis community with many instructors and programs but we believe that our junior program is a unique, special place to raise an athlete.

In our junior program, you can expect devoted professionals dedicated to providing a complete tennis education to our students. We realize that success both on the tennis court and throughout life will require not only physical skills but also a deep understanding of one’s own emotional intelligence. Foremost, we strive to create young men and women of character who in turn become great tennis players. Additionally, our professionals take their roles as educators seriously and foster sincere, long-lasting relationships with our students and their families.

In terms of offerings, we have a complete compliment of classes that range from a young student having their very first tennis lesson all the way to the high school senior exploring their collegiate tennis options. Moreover, our educational philosophy highlights the importance of allowing students to learn the sport through first-hand experiences and develop their understanding of the game organically. This trend becomes quite apparent when you witness our 10-and-Under students engaging in full-fledged rallies on right-sized tennis courts. Furthermore, we are full participants in USTA Junior Team Tennis and each season field numerous teams of various ages and ability levels. The team experience is invaluable and some of our most cherished childhood memories stem from our experiences with teammates.

Lastly, we feel fortunate to be building our community at a public tennis center. Tennis should be inclusive and not exclusive. Our student body represents a broad spectrum of society and this diversity is a principle we hold dear to our educational experience. All are welcome and all will succeed.

Come and share in the #RippnerLove
Coach Mike
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