Rippner RED Ages 3-4

Rippner RED Ages 3-4
Rippner Tennis Red Ball

Session Dates:


Session 1: September 2nd-30th

Session 2: October 1st-31st

Session 3: November 1st-24th

Session 4: December 1st-22nd

Class Days and Times:

Saturday and Sunday: 9:30am – 10:00am

Cost: $85 per month for one day per week, $170 per month for two days per week

Class Description:

This class is the ideal entry point for future tennis stars to fall in love with the game. We provide a warm, inviting atmosphere so that our young students gain a positive association with the tennis court. In this structured setting, children will learn basic hand-eye coordination and body control through a combination of games. Education and enjoyment take top priority.

Class Description:

Warm Up: Start with a simple activity that gives players a chance to become engaged, during which they start hitting to get the entire body moving, and prepare for the theme of the day.

Skill Development: Is broken into two specific areas of focus, Athletic and Tennis. Athletic, covers tennis-specific movement. ABC’s (agility, balance, coordination), along with sending and receiving skills such as rolling, tossing (underhand), throwing (overhand) and catching, fundamental skills for the hands and feet for the ABC’s. Tennis, focuses on developing building blocks for serve rally and score and work on skills that use tactics, technique and movement.

Games: Players are divided into teams to work on the skills covered in each practice.

Character: Practices have a character theme that can apply to tennis and life because at RippnerTennis we are not just developing champions on the court but champions in life.

Community: At RippnerTennis we are looking to grow a lasting community with relationships and memories that last a lifetime. During this time we are looking to enforce the topics covered in class, and make a connection with each and every player about their experiences during the class.

Suggested Equipment:

19″ – 21″ tennis racquet, water bottle, athletic shoes, weather-appropriate clothing

Skills Introduced:

Basic hand-eye coordination, ball tracking, tennis-appropriate reactions, respect, good sportsmanship and cooperation with in a group setting.

Class Sizes:

Based on the age of the Players and number of Players enrolled, RippnerTennis maintains a safe ratio of Coaches to Players to ensure a quality, inspirational, and safe experience for the all Players.

If you need assistance registering please contact [email protected] or by calling 512-442-1466.

Please view our inclement weather and cancellation policies.