Rippner RED Ages 7 & 8

Rippner RED Ages 7 & 8
Rippner Tennis Red Ball

Session Dates:


Our month long junior classes are on hold and instead we are currently offering single classes that are sign up as you go.  These classes are offered 7 days per week. To receive an updated schedule or for assistance with registration please email [email protected]

Class Days and Times:

Click here to see the schedule for Rippner Red Ball 7-8 Schedule

Class Description:

This class also serves as an entry point for many of our young students and we will begin or continue with the skills needed for tennis advancement. Increasingly, coaches will design more self-fed cooperative games so that the students become self-sufficient and learns the sport organically. Games in this class will emphasize proper tennis reaction and impart skills that will eventually develop a rally. Some students may even choose to compete for the first time in Junior Team Tennis.

Suggested Equipment:

21″ – 23″ tennis racquet, water bottle, athletic shoes, sport and weather-appropriate clothing

Basic hand-eye coordination, ball tracking, tennis-appropriate reactions, self-fed games (feeding), basic rallying, respect and good sportsmanship and cooperation within a group setting.

To register please contact [email protected] or call 512-222-7260