Adult Lesson/Clinic Policies

Adult Clinic Policies

Adult Clinic Policies


Classes are non-transferable and non-refundable

If you cancel within 24 hours of the clinic, you will still be charged

If you are 15 minutes or more late for class or lessons you may lose your reservation.

If you add your name to a clinic waitlist you may be added to the clinic anytime prior to the start of the class. You are responsible for removing yourself from the waitlist  if you cannot make the clinic.

If you sign up for a clinic with spots available while on the waitlist for a separate clinic in the same time frame, you are responsible for removing yourself off the waitlist prior to 24 hours of the clinic to avoid being charged for both if you are moved up from the waitlist.

1 hour adult clinics cost $27 per class and are limited to 4 players. 1 hour clinics are designed to provide more personalized instruction, technical coaching and more repetitions in a shorter period of time than our 1.5 hour clinics

1.5 hour clinics cost $27 per class and are limited to 6 players.1.5 hour clinics will provide drilling, gameplay, and group sparring with professional instruction throughout

The coach designated for you class is subject to change

If the actual temperature is 35 degrees or below, or windchill factor of 32 degrees or below classes may be called off

actual heat or heat index of 105 degrees or higher classes may be called off

sustained winds of 30 mph or higher classes may be called off



*Intro Series are currently on hold due to Covid*

Instead we are offering single class options that are sign up as you, with a 24 hour cancellation policy.


1 player = 45 minute clinic

2 players = 1 hour clinic

3+ players = 1.5 hour clinic

Lesson and Clinic Safety Guidelines

Lesson and Clinic Safety Guidelines

Lesson and Clinic Safety Guidelines

  1. Practice 6 feet of social distancing

  2. Gates are left open or open and closed only by the instructor

  3. Cleaning solvents, masks, and gloves will be provided to coaches,

General Safety Guidelines

General Safety Guidelines

Safety Guidelines:

  1. Maintain proper social distancing of 6 feet at all times.  
  2. No gathering of any kind between courts, on changeovers, on the deck or inside the pro shop.
  3. People entering the pro shop must wear a mask per the city requirements. 
  4. Players must bring their own water in a closed container. The club does not provide water on the courts but will have a water fountain inside. 
  5. Players will have to provide their own hand sanitizer.