2.0-3.0 Clinics

2.0-3.0 Clinics
Rippner 2.0-3.0 Clinics

Our Rippner Clinics are designed to be a fantastic way to meet new people, work on your game, and get to know our experienced staff of teaching professionals. You can expect to hit a lot of balls, receive conventional tips from the Pro’s, play games that simulate point play encountered in match situations and learn some strategy to help you win that important league or ladder match.

2.0 – 2.5 Level Clinics (what’s this?)


Mondays7pm-8:30pm$25.50with Saidi
Mondays11:30am-1pm$25.50with Jo
Tuesdays6pm-7:30pm$25.50with Saidi
Wednesdays10:30am-11:30am$25.50with Brie
Wednesdays6pm-7:30pm$25.50with Jo
Thursdays10am-11:30am$25.50with Jo
Thursdays6pm-7:30pm$25.50with Allen
Saturdays9am-10:30am$25.50with Danon


2.5 – 3.0 Level Clinics (what’s this?)


Tuesdays9am-10:30am$25.50w/ Scott
Tuesdays6pm-7:30pm$25.50w/ Allen
Wednesdays7:30pm-9pm$25.50w/ Saidi
Wednesdays11:00am-12:30pm$25.50w/ Joe
Saturdays9:00am-10:30am$25.50w/ Allen at School for the Deaf
Sundays9:00am-10:30am$25.50w/ Scott