John Hospod

Senior Teaching Professional

After playing tennis at Vassar College in New York, John started his professional tennis career in 1996 as a tennis pro at Balcones Country Club in Austin. During his tenure at Balcones, John rose to level of Head Professional. In 2000, John left for a position as Director of Tennis at the Georgetown Tennis Center. After several years splitting time between professional photography and tennis, John has returned to full time coaching at the South Austin Tennis Center.

John specializes in a mastery of the mechanics of the modern game and keeping up to date with current cutting edge changes in stroke production. His unique approach allows for the beginning student to quickly obtain advanced techniques that may be refined over time. Returning students benefit greatly from learning the contemporary game. This method allows for the experienced players to work toward the production of more effective strokes while keeping the focus on injury prevention. The advanced student benefits from John’s meticulous attention to the subtleties of the modern stroke production. This more flowing and relaxed style of play enhances performance.

John honors his students’ goals whether it’s mastering the strokes of the modern game or getting a good workout on the court. His extensive knowledge of fitness and nutrition allows him to contribute to the clients’ complete fitness experience. He strives to create an atmosphere where the student finds peace, clarity and enjoyment when life becomes busy.