Rippner FUNdamentals Summer Camp

Rippner FUNdamentals Summer Camp

FUNdamentals Summer Camp

Rippner FUNdamentals camp is ready to provide the learning and fun filled tennis classes in the safest environment possible.  Kids will be outdoors and moving the entire time.   To view our comprehensive safety guidelines please follow the link:

Safety Guidelines

Rippner FUNdamentals is for competitive and noncompetitive players alike, this camp encompasses Orange, Green and Yellow Ball players. Students in this program will improve their fundamental athletic and tennis skills, while having the time of their lives. In this camp players will be divided into competitive and noncompetitive groups based upon age and skill level where they will learn proper technique, play team oriented games and point play. We encourage play based learning, meaning no matter the age or skill level we look to have all players rallying on daily basis. We will also include non tennis games and activities as well, we believe in developing the whole athlete. Our coaches will encourage cooperation and sportsmanship while the students test their limits through competition. Ages 9 and Up.

Ages 9-11 Monday – Thursday: 8:00am – 11:00am

Ages 12+ Monday-Thursday 11:00am-2pm

Camp Weeks

Week #1 = June 1st-4th
Week #2 = June 8th-11th
Week #3 = June 15th-18th
Week #4 = June 22nd-25th
Week #5 = [Fourth of July Break]
Week #6 = July 6th-9th
Week #7 = July 13th-16th
Week #8 =July 20th-23rd
Week #9 =July 27th-30th
Week #10 = August 3rd-6th
Week #11= August 10th-13th

Price Per Week: