Red Ball FAQ

Q?: How do i register my child for the Red Ball .5 Classes?

Step 1:
Click the “Login/Reservations” button from our navigation menu at the top of our web site to open a new window to our 10sPortal login page.

If you are not registered as a member of 10sPortal, please register as a new member by using the red “customer signup” button located below the login space.

Step 2.
After logging in you should land on the home page. You can also click the “Home” button to be taken back there at any time. You should see a “Home” Tab and an “Activities” Tab located in the middle of the page below our logo.

Step 3.
Click the “Activities” tab to open a series of tabs that includes the “Junior Clinics” tab. Click The “Junior Clinics” tab to open it.

Step 4.
Once the “Junior Clinics” tab is open, it will display the Red Ball .5 schedule. As a parent or “primary” on the account that you created your name will appear on the right in a drop down menu. To register your child you will need to use the drop down menu where your name appears to select a “secondary” member on your account. If you have not added your child as a “secondary” you will need to do so in order to select their name from the drop down menu(see below).

Adding a “secondary” member or child to the “primary’s” or parents account.

Step 1.
Click the “My Account” button at the top right.


Step 2.
Click the “Account Information” tab.


Step 3.
Click the ” + add secondary member” button to open a pop-up menu.


Step 4.
Fill out the information required. Please change the defaults (email and phone) to the same as the primary’s info. Please use an accurate date of birth for the secondary you are adding. Save and now you should be able to register a “secondary” member by using the drop down menu where the “primary’s” name appears.


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