Parents Info Page

Policies and Procedures

Junior Program Facebook Page
Hey Parents, this is a great place to get updates on class cancellations due to weather conditions. We usually do not make the decision to cancel a class until approximately 1 hour before the start of the class. Please “bookmark” the Facebook page to easily find it in the future!

Program Communications
Coach Michael MacVay will serve as the primary point of contact for questions concerning the junior program on a whole. Calling the front desk or Pro Shop will often result in them asking you to email Coach Mike so that information is not miscommunicated incorrectly. Coach MacVay will respond as promptly as he can via [email protected]. When necessary, students and parents can call Coach MacVay for pressing matters. We do not give out Instructors phone numbers but feel free to ask them for their personal contact info. For communication with other Rippner Tennis coaches not listed on our Staff Page, parents should ask those individuals personally for their contact information.

Missed Classes | Rain outs | Rescheduling
Students who miss class for injury, sickness, weather, school commitments or other complications will not forfeit their rights to pre-paid classes. We offer most classes on a variety of days throughout the week and parents may choose an alternate day to make-up missed classes during the session. Please inform Coach Mike about any known scheduling changes so that he can staff the classes correctly. Failing to inform Coach Mike could result in too many students in a class and not enough court space or instructors. If you reach the end of a session and were unable to make-up any missed classes we can credit the next sessions cost. If you are unable to make-up any missed classes and need a refund please contact Coach Mike.

Weather Updates | Temperature Policy
When conditions preclude tennis practice we will inform our parents as soon as possible via updates on our Junior Facebook Page. If the rain has already begun we will note the status of classes approximately one hour prior to class start time. If rain begins after the one-hour mark, we will post information as soon as possible.

Example of a weather update Facebook post:
Weather Update Sun 8:45 am (1/11/15)
Quickstart 0.5 @ 9:15 = canceled
Quickstart 1.0 @ 10:00 = canceled
Quickstart 2.0 @ 10:45 = canceled
Quickstart 3.0 @ 11:45 = pending will update at 10:45
Junior Development @ 1:30 = pending will update at 12:30

Hot and Cold Weather Conditions
We do not have a cold or hot weather benchmark for cancelling or shortening classes. The United States Tennis Association – Texas Section also does not have a policy for cold temperatures either. We will look at wind chill and heat index numbers to make determinations concerning class status. Suffice it to say, we rarely cancel class due to wind chill or heat indexes.

Drop in Students
We do not officially offer “drop in” classes. If a student wants to “drop in” to a class that they are not currently registered for you will need approval from Coach Mike before each class. If you attempt to “drop in” unannounced there is no guarantee that the class will have space available.

The junior program offers tuition discounts for families, long-term commitments, or bulk class selection during a session.

  • We offer a 10% discount for families of 3 or more children in the program at one time.
  • We offer a 10% discount for a tuition commitment of 3 Sessions or more.
  • We offer a 10% discount for students enrolled in three of more classes a week each session.
  • Discounts cannot be combined and will not exceed 10% of the total tuition cost.

Class Placement
The Rippner Tennis junior program is accredited by the USTA Texas Section as a 10-and-Under training facility. 10-and-Under training is more than just having right-sized equipment and tennis courts. The distinction also signifies an adherence to developmental measures for young players. Essentially, children are best suited to learn in environments customized to their height, weight, center of gravity, athletic limitations, etc. Therefore, if a 5-year old is learning on a 60’ court using an orange ball, the junior program is not technically participating in 10-and-Under training. We would like to maintain our accreditation and become the standard for the development of young players in Austin, TX.

With this being said, some children advance at a faster rate than their peers with coordination, reaction time, agility, balance, and other sports related skills. For this reason and this small percentage of players, we are going to codify certain measures for early advancement. We will not make this a habit and will use this in exceptional cases. By instituting these measures, we will take the guessing game out of parental requests for the “next class.” If a parent would like for their child to advance, they must show proficiency in the criteria listed below. Even then, we may not advance a kid if we think that they are not ready.

For information on criteria for early advancement, please contact Coach Mike. [email protected]

Disciplinary Action
Coaches and Staff do not seek opportunities to discipline students but, from time to time, a situation arises that requires our attention. First and foremost, we attempt to curtail improper behavior immediately be addressing the issue with the student. If disruption continues, we will remove the student from class until they have shown that they are fully ready to return to class. Each case is unique and will require a unique set of solutions.