Off-Campus P.E. Waiver

Off-Campus P.E. Waiver


Once again, we are proud to be a partner of Austin ISD in their Off-Campus Physical Education program. This will be our 3rd year offering this service to our families and we can’t wait to get started.

What is OCPE @ RippnerTennis?

Students can replace their PE session at their school with their tennis training through RippnerTennis. In addition to 5 court hours, students will need to attend a weekly health class (with assignments) taught by Coach Mike

When will OCPE @ RippnerTennis take place during the week?

The tennis portion will consist of whatever class offerings our students choose. The health class portion will be determined by those who enroll as we will need to coordinate a time for everyone. In the past, the health class has taken place on Tuesday evenings but we will make this determination in the next few days.

Who can take part in OCPE @ RippnerTennis?

All 7th through 12th grade students may participate in this offering. Middle school student can only select the program for half a year while high school students may choose an entire year.

How do I sign up for OCPE @ RippnerTennis?

First, please review the AISD website to get all of the details regarding this program on their end. You will need to print out an application and get the proper signatures (parent, counselor, and Coach Mike). Once these documents are complete, you may turn them in as instructed.

As for the RippnerTennis portion of the program, we consider this to be a service to our community. At this time, their is no additional cost for the program and you simply need to enroll in the require 5 hours per week of tennis that the OCPE guidelines dictate.

The deadline for the application is midnight on August 22nd so, if you are interested, take the five minute to review the page and begin the registration process.

If you have any further questions on the RippnerTennis side of things, contact Coach Mike at  and he will help you out.