If you are over 15 minutes late for class or lessons you may lose your reservation.

Rippner Intro Tennis

For those of you new to tennis our coaches will show you the basics regardless of your fitness and sports background, all are welcome to join!

 We focus on making you feel comfortable while learning essential tennis terminology, stroke fundamentals, and show you how to keep the ball live back and forth in a cooperative atmosphere.  You are guaranteed to feel more confidence in your tennis knowledge after just one class.

If you are new to tennis (Beginner) or have limited experience (Advanced Beginner) and are between the ages of 3-100  then we have a class for you!  We offer classes seven days per week, mornings, afternoons and evenings.  We are here to help you learn tennis, improve your health and fitness, and most of all have FUN!

We are currently offering Rippner Beginners and Advanced Beginners singles  Clinics that are sign up as you go. These classes are offered 7 days per week for $27 each. There are no minimum or maximum amount of classes a week required to register.

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