Adult Introductory Tennis

We are currently offering Rippner Beginners and Advanced Beginners Clinics that are sign up as you go. These classes are offered 7 days per week for $30 each. There are no minimum or maximum amount of classes a week required to register.  Check below for the most recently updated schedule!

Our Adult Beginner Classes are for those new to tennis with little to no tennis experience, our coaches will show you the basics regardless of your fitness level and sports background. We focus on making you feel comfortable while learning essential tennis terminology, stroke fundamentals, and show you how to keep the ball live back and forth in a cooperative atmosphere.  You are guaranteed to feel more confident in your tennis knowledge after just one class!

If you haven’t been on the court for awhile, but already know the basics and fundamentals then our Advanced Beginner Clinic is ideal for you.  This is the perfect re-start point for those with limited experience or those looking to get a refresher on the basics, without being too remedial.  Participants are able to serve the ball with some level of success and more consistently keep a rally going, working towards match play.

Check below for the most recently updated schedule or email today!

Rippner Adult Intro classes at our South Austin location:

Rippner Adult Intro classes at our Williamson County location: