Red Ball Ages 3-4

Red Ball Ages 3-4

Red Ball 0.5 | For ages 3 & 4 using a Red Ball on a 36’ Court |

Session Dates: This class does not offer Session Dates and Pricing. It is a signup and pay as you go class.

Days Offered during the Spring/Summer:
Saturdays and Sundays: 9:15am – 10:00am

Class Description: This class is the ideal entry point for future tennis stars to fall in love with the game. We provide a warm, inviting atmosphere so that our young students gain a positive association with the tennis court. In this structured setting, children will learn basic hand-eye coordination and body control through a combination of games. Education and enjoyment take top priority.

Suggested Equipment: 19″ – 21″ tennis racquet, water bottle, athletic shoes, weather-appropriate clothing
Student-to-Teacher Ratio: 4:1
Skills Introduced: basic hand-eye coordination, ball tracking, tennis-appropriate reactions, respect, good sportsmanship and cooperation with in a group setting.