“HP” | High Performance Academy

“HP” | High Performance Academy

(1) Please register with 10sPortal in order to move forward with registration. The Parent who registers will be the “Primary” on the account and their children will be “Secondary’s” on the account. To add your children as “secondary’s” click the “My Account” button (top right), then open the “Account Information” tab, then click the “+ Add Secondary User” button (in red) to add your children

(2) You will need to add a Credit Card on file. Click ‘My Account”, then the “Credit Card” tab, then “+add new card” (in red)

(3) For Registration click the “Home” button, open the “Activities” tab, “Junior Programs” tab and choose the class you want to register for and follow the navigation. If you have issues registering please contact Michael MacVay at [email protected]. If a “Session” has already begun and you failed to register in advance only a Michael MacVay can process your registration.

High Performance Academy | Invitation Only for Players Competing in USTA Texas Tournaments

Session Dates:
Session 1: January 2nd through February 5th
Session 2: February 6th through March 12th
SPRING BREAK (3/13 – 3/19) – NO CLASS
Session 3: March 20th through April 23rd
Session 4: April 24th through May 28th

Days Offered during each Session:
Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays: 6:00pm – 8:00pm
Students must choose which night(s) to attend and tuition will be calculated based on 15-week commitment @ $28 per class.

  • This program is invitation only with limited space.
  • Students in this program have made a substantial commitment to their tennis games and have placed tennis as significant extra-curricular activity in their lives.
  • These players compete regularly in tournaments through the month and seek high state and national rankings. Coaches will guide players in this program through the collegiate tennis selection process.
  • Those selected for this group are self-motivated and seek a great training session not only out of themselves but also from their classmates.